Sleep Bed Bug Free!

Frequently Asked Questions

What do bedbug bites look like?
Bed bug bites are very difficult to identify since each bod may react differently. Most people that will react to bedbug bites will have a red itchy bumps. Some may have no reaction at all.
How do I know if I have bedbugs?
Most people will experience bites or see black spots on the sheets, mattress or bedframe. In some cases, you may be able to see an actual live bedbug. If you suspect you have bedbugs, please contact a professional for an inspection.
What do bedbugs look like?
The Adult bedbug is about 3/16″ (4-5 mm) long; broadly oval and flat. Often compared to the size of an apple seed. The color is red to brown to reddish brown (after feeding).
Do bedbugs jump?
No, bedbugs do not jump. They nest in small cracks and crevices around the mattress and bedframe. They are crawlers and move faster than most people would think.
Do bedbugs fly?

No bedbugs do not fly. They have no wings

If there’s one Bedbug, does that mean there are more?
If an adult female that has made it into your home, she spends almost 100% of her time impregnated and can lay 1-5 eggs daily. There is a chance that one bedbug could be hitchhiked into your home. On average most infestations are not discovered until 2 to 4 months after the Bedbug has been introduced.
How much does a bedbug treatment cost?
Bed bug treatment costs can vary depending on the type of treatment, severity of the infestation and square footage of the home, or all of the above. Bedbugs are difficult to eradicate. The cost could be in the thousands. A free inspection is recommended.
What is the best home remedy for Bedbugs?
There are many options for over-the-counter DIY products. Most pest professionals would not recommend a home remedy for bedbugs. Bedbugs are extremely difficult to eradicate. We recommend hiring a professional Bedbug specialists and avoid making the problem worse by doing it yourself.
Are there payment options for bedbugs?
Most companies do not offer payment options for bedbugs. It is costly and timeconsuming for all parties involved when eliminating bedbugs.
Is my landlord obligated to pay for my bed bugs?
Landlord or property management obligations to pay for bedbugs can vary by state. Out of courtesy, some landlords may pay for the treatment. In other cases, such as multi-living units, you can be responsible for paying for yours and other units surrounding it if inspections prove your unit as the source.
Do bedbugs bite during the day?
Bedbugs are nocturnal. They will typically feed during the hosts deepest sleep. Bedbugs also have learned to adapt in cases where the host is a day sleeper. In a severe situation, Bedbugs could be active both day and night.
Would I feel it if a bedbug bit me?
Most people do not feel when a bedbug is feeding. Bedbugs apply a numbing saliva on the skin before they penetrate to feed. Most reactions and itching are delayed minutes, hours or even days after the feeding. Some people may feel the crawling of an insect.
Do bedbugs sleep during the day?
Bedbugs are nocturnal and are less active during the day. Their prime time to feed is the middle of the night. In severe situations they can also be active during the day.
Is there a bedbug problem in my area?
Bedbugs are worldwide. Some cities in the US have a worse problems than others. There are many factors involved. Due to the increase of international travel and multi housing situations, Bedbugs can be just about anywhere.
Do bedbugs carry diseases?
Yes, studies have shown that bedbugs can carry diseases. There is no strong enough evidence to suggest that bedbugs can transfer diseases.
Are bed bugs dangerous?
Since there is no strong evidence of bedbugs transmitting diseases, most people suffer from itchy red bumps, loss of sleep and anxiety, including the stress of the financial burden of the cost to treat for bedbugs.
How did I get bedbugs?
Bed bugs are excellent hitchhikers. Which means, that they have entered your home via travel, used furniture, secondhand stores, yard sales etc. They can also enter on guests with a bedbug problem and also hitchhike on bags or backpacks from common areas at work and school.
How do I prevent a bedbug infestation?
Be cautious what you bring into your home. If you travel, inspect your hotel bed for any evidence of bedbugs. Even after all the preventative measures, there is still a chance for anyone to bring bedbugs into their home.
Is it possible to get bedbugs twice?
Yes, some people get bedbugs twice or more in a lifetime. Being vigilant and cautious does help. Some companies may offer a early detection Bedbug maintenance program. Catching or noticing early signs of bedbugs is key.
Are there any Bedbug assistance programs?
Bedbug assistance programs may be available in some states. These programs are not instant and therefore it is probably better to use other resources to receive immediate attention with a bedbug problem. Local churches or other community programs may also be available to help financially
Did I get bedbugs from my neighbor?
Getting bedbugs from any source is a possibility, including multi unit situation’s. It is best to hire a professional for a free inspection to determine what could have possibly been the source, and put a plan together for elimination.
Can I spread bedbugs?
If you have a bedbug problem, yes you can potentially spread it to other people. Most spreading occurs during the weeks and months when an individual is not aware of their current bedbug infestation. Also using over-the-counter products could drive Bedbugs further into the walls and furniture, therefore resulting in the spread and misplacement of bedbugs.
Do bedbugs live outside?
Bed bugs are an interior pest. They may be able to survive for a short period outside but, they are only outside of a home if they are placed there.
Are bedbugs only going to be on my bed?
80% of bedbugs are going to be on or around a sleeping area. This could mean a couch or a bed or any other area where people rest. If there are items in close proximity of the beds such as drapes, nightstands, dressers, storage underneath the bed etc., these items may provide additional harborage spaces for bedbugs.
Can bedbugs bite my dog?
Yes, bedbugs can bite dogs and cats. Their preferred host is a human. In some cases, and out of the necessity to survive, they can feed on dogs and in some cases use animals to transfer from one area of the home to another. Dog bedding may also become infested if it is placed on top or near a human sleeping area infested with bedbugs.
Can bedbugs be in my car?
Yes, in rare cases bedbugs could be in a car. Since there is no consistent food source in a car, they will most likely use the vehicle for an area to hitchhike. The ideal situation for a bedbug is to be inside of a home.