Bed Bug Inspection

Are Bed Bugs Hiding in Your Home?

Schedule a bed bug inspection in Spokane and Spokane Valley

Have you traveled somewhere recently and found bed bugs? Do you have insect bite marks on your body? These are common signs that you might have bed bugs.

Northwest Bedbug Company in Spokane Valley, WA  can provide a full bed bug inspection to determine the severity of your bed bug infestation and help you remedy the issue. We’ll check mattresses, carpets and closets where bed bugs typically like to nest and alert you of anything we find.

Contact us today and get some peace of mind in your home.

Get a professional bed bug inspection

Bed bugs are tiny and evasive, making it hard to tell when you have an infestation until it’s a serious problem in your home. As a state-licensed bed bug treatment company with over 10 years of experience, Northwest Bedbug Company knows we can…

  • Quickly pinpoint signs of an infestation.
  • Determine what areas have been affected.
  • Suggest an effective treatment plan.

Contact us today to schedule a whole-home bed bug inspection at (509) 505-1399.

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