Dog Bed Bug Detection

Finally, bed bugs have met their match!

We offer highly trained canine bed bug detection teams providing K9 assisted bed bug inspections in all areas of eastern Washington and north
Idaho. We offer both residential and commercial services.

Many hotels, resorts, and other commercial businesses are taking a proactive approach to potential bed bug infestations and liabilities. We provide proactive bed bug inspections, preventing client complaints, online reporting and lawsuits.

Why Use Bed Bug Sniffing Dogs?


Bed Bug dogs are honest…they work for food, not profit.

University studies have shown properly trained canines can detect more than 97% of bed bugs, while trained specialist detect approximately 30%.

Fast and Effective

Dogs are able to pinpoint the area of the problem in an extremely time efficient manor.

These canines can precisely pinpoint just one bed bug or egg.

Lower Costs and Remediation

Using a K-9 may eliminate the need for several follow up inspections and visits. K-9’s have a sense of smell hundreds of times more acute than that of humans.

If bed bugs are found, it is easier to pinpoint treatments.

Easier to determine if prior bed bug treatment was successful.

Peace of Mind

Having a bed bug dog inspect your unit can provide reassurance that the area is bed bug free.