Bed Bug Heat Treatment

Get Those Pesky Bugs Off of Your Property for Good!

Northwest Bedbug Company offers heat treatments in Spokane, Spokane Valley and surrounding areas to kill bedbugs and other insects. Heat treatments have been a method for pest eradication for over 25 years. Heat for bedbugs is becoming a more common and the preferred method for bedbug control. Northwest Bedbug Company is a full-service bedbug and pest control company that specializes in bedbug heat treatments for residential and commercial structures.

Studies have shown that heat between 118°- 130° F will kill all stages of bedbugs from egg, nymph and adult bedbugs. Heat treatments with Northwest Bedbug Company are very effective and can eliminate your bedbug problem within a matter of hours. Northwest Bedbug Company is your local bedbug heat treatment company in Spokane, Washington and surrounding areas.

Northwest Bedbug Company offers a 90 day call back warranty for most bedbug heat treatments. Download our heat treatment prep sheet to learn more about what to expect when scheduling a service with Northwest Bedbug Company. Call our office at 509-505-1399 or submit your information on this website to schedule your free bedbug inspection.

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